When we envision a helm, we may think of a wheel that steers a ship. Typically, the helm is in control of the boat that is navigating the waters, the storm, the calm. We believe business owners are at the helm, in control, of their business through the storm, the calm, the adaptation, and the wins.

WE KNOW 2020 was STORMY and 2021 UNCERTAIN

2020 had a ripple effect like no other on your world and your business. 

We saw it firsthand when we worked with you on options to survive the pandemic, social unrest, and an economic crisis. 

These times helped others to see what we have experienced before 2020, that independent, small businesses owned by Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), while championed to be successful, lack consistent support and resources that are critical to your success. 

Through HELM, LiftFund is committed to providing relevant, meaningful support to you, the small businesses who are the backbone of our community.


We’ve partnered with USAA to launch HELM. HELM marries four pillars that are integral to LiftFund’s mission of support, credit and innovation. 

The Four Pillars of HELM are: capital, education, support and community

Today we invite you to consider allowing LiftFund to be part of your trusted circle so you can HELM your business.  

Pillar One:

You will have access to LiftFund products including a low interest and flexible COVID-19 small business product. 

Pillar Two:

We offer an eight-week curated program that includes access to tools, experts and peers to guide you in taking the HELM of your business

Pillar Three:

Connect with a Mentor to guide you along your course to success.

Pillar Four:

Champion your business within our community. 

You’ll have access to LiftFund’s client directories, social media and marketplaces so that you can grow your community of support and make your business thrive.


Learn more about the HELM Accelerator by watching this webinar!”

4 Ways to Strengthen Your Business by Taking the HELM:
  • Access our info session to learn more about the HELM program and how it can help your business thrive.