Retake the
HELM of Your Business


When we envision a helm, we may think of a wheel that steers a ship. Typically, the helm is in control of the boat that is navigating the waters, the storm, the calm. We believe business owners are at the helm, in control, of their business through the storm, the calm, the adaptation, and the wins.

What is HELM?

With initial support from USAA, LiftFund created the HELM program to provide existing business owners support to better understand their businesses and make better decisions. Continuing that mission, Launch SA has curated a select path of education to improve participants’ knowledge of key business elements for success.

A helm is the element that allows you to steer a ship – through HELM, we want to enable you to steer your business better!

WE KNOW 2020 was STORMY and 2021 UNCERTAIN

2020 had a ripple effect like no other on your world and your business. 

We saw it firsthand when we worked with you on options to survive the pandemic, social unrest, and an economic crisis. 

These times helped others to see what we have experienced before 2020, that independent, small businesses owned by Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), while championed to be successful, lack consistent support and resources that are critical to your success. 

Through HELM, LiftFund is committed to providing relevant, meaningful support to you, the small businesses who are the backbone of our community.

Who We Serve

We have designed the HELM program for existing business owners seeking to improve their business model, improve business processes, and create stronger methods to evaluate success. 

The ideal participant is someone that has been in business for more than 2 years but may not have created the best initial foundation when they started – through our program we will help reset your foundation, allowing you to grow more efficiently. Most importantly, we are looking for participants that are willing to actively participate, accept and implement feedback, and collaborate with fellow cohort members.

The Four Pillars of HELM are: capital, education, support and community  Education, Mentorship, Community, and Capital Preparedness

Pillar One:

The HELM program consists of an Accelerator style program with top local leaders sharing their expertise through training and perspective share to increase understanding and opportunity for growth. We run 2 cohorts a year in Spring (Apr – May) and Fall (Aug – Sep).

Pillar Two:

More than training, our program connects participants to mentors from all industries who share their owner-driven perspectives to guide participants around obstacles for greater chances of success.

Pillar Three:

We know that entrepreneurship can feel like a lonely road so we focus on strengthening bonds between participants, mentors, and the community at large to ensure participants always have someone they can connect with during and post-program.

Pillar Four:
Capital Preparedness

 Accessing capital can feel daunting and being unprepared can hamper your ability to grow as a company. If accessing capital is a key goal of yours, we will help you better understand the process and help you prepare your pathway towards access.


Learn more about the HELM Accelerator by watching this webinar!”

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